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Practice Street Crossing

If you're like me, watching your loved one cross the street is a scary event. They desperately want you to let them have some independence by crossing the street on their own, but you know it's not safe. How do you teach them the dangers of crossing the road while keeping them safe?

Practice Street Crossing is the internationally best-selling software application from a leader in special education training for over a decade, VTree Entertainment. This software has been available to the special needs community for over five years, but only on the PC. Now, you can take your learning on the go with the iPhone and iPad app.

Parents, teachers, therapists and caregivers agree whether your loved one has autism, special needs or learning disabilities, educational gaming is the most effective way of learning critical life skills while having a blast learning!


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With Practice Street Crossing your loved one can practice valuable skills such as:
  • Why we use the crosswalk
  • Crossing the street only when the light says to cross
  • The dangers of crossing the street outside of the crosswalk
  • Where to look for the crosswalk
  • How to get across the street safely
  • And much, much more
The application will only let you cross the street by using the crosswalk when the sign signals walk. If you attempt across the street anywhere other than the crosswalk, or when the light says stop, a carefully crafted instructional message pops up on the screen to explain why you can't cross the street that way. After reading this helpful message, you'll start over and try again.

The object of each level is to get to the key as quickly and safely as possible in order to advance to the next level. Compete with your friends, family or yourself on our leaderboard. And don't forget about earning fun achievements for following the rules of the road. Studies have shown time after time that repetition is how we learn to do things. There couldn't be a safer way to learn the concept of crossing the street than by letting your loved one practice on an iPad or iPhone before trying the real thing.

Treat your loved one to an educational experience that will last them a lifetime. Purchase your copy of Practice Street Crossing today!

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