• Pro Riders

    "Pro Riders Snowboard" slides onto your PC with some of the most stunning graphics and out of this world gameplay to ever hit the slopes. Race your way through 3…

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  • My Football Game

    My Football Game is an exciting football gaming experience – powered by EA Sports -- designed for inclusive family fun and accessible to children and adults with cognitive and physical challenges.

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  • My Golf Game
    with Ernie Els

    The "fun" video game for the PC that the whole family can play. Ernie Els and seven of his friends are ready for action at five of the finest golf courses in the world.

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  • My Skateboarding

    "My Skateboarding" is a fun, dynamic, crazy and rewarding arcade skateboarding racing-fight game that captures the exaggerated adrenalin of what animal skateboarders face on a day to day basis.…

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After installing the game on my computer, will I need to insert my disk every time I want to play the video game?

No. Once the game is installed you will not need to insert the disk to play the game.

What type of adaptive devices work with your video game?

Many different type of adaptive devices can be used to play the games. We worked with companies like Broadened Horizons during our development of the games to test and make as many devices as possible compatible. My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els also works with touch screen and speech recognition systems such as the one included in your Windows 7 OS.

How do I program the games to work with Touchscreen and Speech Recognition software or other accessible gaming devices?

My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els will automatically work with your Touchscreen and Speech Recognition software (i.e.: the game works with the Speech Recognition software packaged in Windows 7 and Vista). Most accessible hardware gaming devices, like Broaden Horizons and other manufacturers have been tested and work automatically with all our games. Please read your particular hardware manufacturer's instructions for those devices working with your Windows operating system.

Can I use the keyboard and any existing game controllers?

Yes. The games work with your keyboard, USB XBOX 360™® game controller, joysticks, and mouse.

Does the game have a feature where two or more players can play and/or compete against each other?

Yes. Level 3 in My Football Game which is a full interactive video football game can be played by two players. Level 1 and Level 2 and all the mini games in those levels are designed for a single user at a time. In Level 2 and Level 3 of My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els up to four players can play simultaneously in full or mini rounds/matches. Level 1 in My Golf Game... are skill drills set-up for single use.

Does the game install all the hardware drivers needed to use different adaptive devices?

No. Most of the drivers used by different companies are proprietary to their specific product; it is up to the end user to have all the necessary drivers for their hardware installed.

The game graphics on my computer are not as sharp as on a friend of mine machine. How Can I improve the graphics on my computer?

Check your computer's drivers to make sure they are up-to-date, especially your graphic drivers. You can go to the manufactures website of your specific machine and install all the updates from there.

What media formats are your games in?

My Football is on a CD, and MY Golf Game is a DVD format.

Can I get "My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els" in Windowed Mode?

Yes, a new feature we added in My Golf Game is the ability to launch the game in windowed mode, this allowed users who want to multi-task, and use something like an on-screen keyboard enjoy the game. To find Windowed mode, look in the "My Golf Game" folder on your start menu, there you will find the Windowed Mode Icon.
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